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The Global Plant Council (GPC) is a coalition of plant and crop science societies from across the globe. GPC seeks to bring plant scientists together to work synergistically toward solving the pressing problems we face.

The central focus of the GPC is to define and engage in coordinated strategies and projects that will have impact on the most critical global issues: world hunger, energy, climate change, health and well-being, sustainability and environmental protection.


Can Africa provide enough low-carbon land to meet global food needs?

With its largely untapped land-resources for agriculture expansion, could Africa really be the world’s next low-carbon breadbasket? A new article argues probably not, at least not for the global population, as farmland conversion of important wet savannahs and shrublands will come at a much higher environmental cost than previously realized. The key lesson is that Africa’s croplands should be prioritized to secure enough food for the continent, and not staple exports or bioenergy needs.

Researchers develop detailed genetic map of world wheat varieties

Kansas State University scientists have released findings of a complex, two-year study of the genomic diversity of wheat that creates an important foundation for future improvements in wheat around the world.


Molecular Biology of Plant Pathogens 2015

University of the West of England, Bristol, UK

The 2015 Molecular Biology of Plant Pathogens (MBPP) conference will be held at the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol on the 8th-9th April 2015.
The organisers of this years’ MBPP conference, Professor Dawn Arnold, Dr Carrie Brady and Dr Helen Neale work within the Centre for Research in Bioscience (CRIB) which leads world-class research in areas of strategic importance including plant science, agri-food, bio-sensing and biomedicine. There will also be three keynote talks by internationally renowned scientists Professor Gary Foster (University of Bristol), Dr Chris Ridout (John Innes Centre) and Professor Teresa Coutinho (Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute, University of Pretoria, South Africa). Please see our biographies tab for more information on these speakers.

Cultivating Innovation Conference

John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK

Cultivating Innovation: How (and How Not) to Think About Intellectual Property in Agriculture and Plant Science, a one day international and interdisciplinary conference, hosted at the John Innes Centre.