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The Global Plant Council (GPC) is a coalition of national, regional and international societies representing plant, crop and agricultural and environmental sciences across the globe.

The GPC seeks to bring together all those involved in plant and crop research, education and training, to facilitate the development of plant science for global challenges such as world hunger, energy, climate change, health and well-being, sustainability and environmental protection.


New target found in search for new, more effective herbicide

Scientists at the John Innes Centre have discovered a new target in plants for the development of new herbicides for use by farmers and gardeners.

Breeding wildness back into our fruit and veg

Wild tomatoes are better able to protect themselves against the destructive whitefly than our modern, commercial varieties, new research has shown.


International Symposium on 'The Role of Agricultural Biotechnologies in Sustainable Food Systems and Nutrition

FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy

The international symposium will explore how the application of science and technology, particularly agricultural biotechnologies, can benefit smallholders in developing sustainable food systems and improving nutrition in the context of climate change.

Lignocellulosic Biorefinery Network 1st International Conference: Construction & Deconstruction of Lignocellulosic Biomass

Shrigley Hall, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire, UK

'Construction and decostruction of lignocellulosic biomass' brings together leading scientists from the areas of lignocellulosic plant cell wall biosynthesis and its degradation bringing perspectives from plant science, enzyme discovery and function, and industrial biotechnology. Chairs and speakers will be drawn from industry and academia with the express intention of fostering conversations across disciplinary boundaries.